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The rooms made available to our customers are checked, functional and in good condition. Our guests are invited to immediately report any breach to the hotel reception.


Article 1: reservation

It is recommended that anyone wishing to stay at the Hôtel Des Messageries book in advance and obtain the agreement of the hotelier.

When making any reservation, the customer must provide a valid credit card number and, where applicable, pay a deposit upon request from the Hôtel des Messageries.

The hotel also reserves the right to pre-authorize or pre-pay the credit card within 48 hours before the arrival date. The deposit is deducted from the balance which is due on the day of your arrival.

The hotel contract is deemed concluded upon agreement between the parties: An automatic reservation confirmation sent by the Hôtel des Messageries is the only valid proof of reservation.


Article 2: cancellation, modification of reservation and commitment

In the event of modification or cancellation of a reservation, all customers are required to notify at least 48 hours before their arrival – with additional provisions in the case of reservations of more than three rooms or nights, where the deadline is longer (see “ cancellation fees” below).

If the customer fails to notify within the allotted time, he must pay as if he were staying, the reservation being due in its entirety.

Room occupancy:

Rooms initially intended for three or four people may be available on request to the hotelier for two people. In the case of a reservation for a triple or family room for two people, the hotel reserves the right to reaccommodate customers in a room of the same category intended for two people.

Cancellation fees:

  • Individual customers, non-groups and/or for whom the rooms or nights reserved are less than three: To the extent that the customer notifies the Hôtel des Messageries in writing and within the deadline: Cancellation without charge in the case of cancellation up to 'at 48 hours before the arrival date.
  • For reservations for 3 to 5 rooms or nights, all customers are required to confirm their reservation at least 8 days before their arrival date. If the client fails to formally notify the Hôtel des Messageries within this period, he must pay as if he were lodging.
  • For individuals or groups having made a reservation of more than 5 rooms or nights, the cancellation period will depend on the period of the reservation, as set by the Hôtel des Messageries with the customer. It is imperative to contact us directly by email or telephone in order to offer you a reasonable cancellation date free of charge, if different from the cancellation fee conditions defined below (*).
    (*) In the event of cancellation, the costs payable by the “group” or individual customer having reserved more than 5 rooms or nights are as follows, unless other special conditions are formally stipulated to the customer:
    • Cancellation between sixty and thirty days before arrival: 30% of the total stay with a minimum of 1 night
    • Cancellation between thirty and eight days before arrival: 50% of the total stay with minimum of one night
    • Cancellation between eight days and 48 hours before arrival: 70% of the total stay with a minimum of 1 night
    • Cancellation less than 2 days before arrival or “no show” or shortened stay: 100% of the total stay

No refund or compensation will be made in particular in the following cases:

  • The “no show” or non-presentation is considered as the actual taking of the room, entails the payment of the entire reserved stay.
  • Service ordered not consumed
  • Delays in arrival or early departures cannot under any circumstances give rise to a refund. Any rental started is due in full. In the event of interruption of the stay, whatever the reason, no refund will be made. In the event of early departure from the hotel due to force majeure, minor force or personal convenience, as well as by the Hotelier in the event that the guest contravenes the internal regulations: The reservation contract may be terminated automatically. right by the hotelier without this giving rise to payment of damages to customers, or in the event of the impossibility of operating the hotel in accordance with commonly accepted hotel standards for a cause not attributable to the hotelier, particularly in the event of a delay in opening or non-opening (natural disaster, road closure), as well as in the event of cessation of payment by the customer.

The hotel will have the possibility of re-renting the room. The deposit remains with the hotel.

The customer who arrives after the closing of the reception, as indicated in the reservation confirmation, and who has not informed the reception, and therefore not obtained the access code of the Hôtel des Messageries, will be able to see his reservation canceled after 8 p.m., and the corresponding fees charged.

We do not offer cancellation insurance. We therefore advise you to take out one with your insurance company.


Article 3: Identity and access to rooms

Any person wishing to stay at the Hôtel Des Messageries is required to make their identity known, as well as that of the people accompanying them. We ask all our customers to complete a police form, the model of which is established by joint order of the Minister of the Interior, the Minister responsible for immigration and the Minister responsible for tourism: https://www.servicepublic.fr/ professionals-businesses/yourrights/R41514

A valid credit card imprint is systematically requested and taken when booking, before occupying each room.

The hotelier has the freedom not to receive customers whose attire is indecent and sloppy, and whose behavior is particularly noisy, or improper, or drunk, or contrary to good morals and public order.

In the event of a breach of the regulations, the Hotelier reserves the right to remove the offenders from the premises, without compensation.


Article 4: Occupancy of rooms

The configuration of the hotel does not allow the creation of rooms that can accommodate people with reduced mobility.

Your room is designed for a specific number of people. To ensure hotel security rules, you must under no circumstances accommodate additional people. The customer cannot thus bring third parties into the room not known to the hotelier (Order of the Prefect of Police of October 28, 1936 modified by Ordinance Art. 9 of February 1, 1940), unless authorized by the latter.

Likewise, the customer cannot rent a room for a number of people greater than that provided for by the regulations in force. In the event of failure to comply with these regulations, the hotel reserves the right to invoice the responsible customer for the cost of the room corresponding to the number of excess people, at the rates in force at the time of the violation of the internal regulations. The hotel will debit the bank card of the unscrupulous customer.

Certain Grand Comfort or Superior rooms at the Hotel can accommodate an extra bed provided by the Hotelier, at an additional cost, subject to prior request to the hotelier and availability.

Animals prohibited in the establishment:

Our pet friends are not accepted within the establishment.

In the event of a breach of the regulations, the Hotelier reserves the right to have the offenders leave the premises immediately, without compensation, therefore with payment of the night(s) reserved, and invoicing of additional cleaning fees.


Article 5: payment

The accommodation service is payable upon taking possession of the premises. For long-term rentals, bills must be paid at the beginning of the week. Payment methods accepted:

  • Carte Bleue Visa or Mastercard or American Express.
  • Species

A credit card imprint will also be required upon arrival as a guarantee.

The establishment does not accept bank or holiday checks.

If you cannot provide us with this information, we will be forced not to grant your room rental request.

By application of article 2102 of the Civil Code, the customer cannot object to the retention of his baggage if he refuses to pay.


Article 6: tourist tax

The tourist tax, not included in the price of the reservation, is in force in the municipality. It is payable on site.

Amount 2019: €1.21 per person per night.


Article 7: access to rooms

Upon arrival, unless agreed by the hotelier, the customer cannot demand to occupy the room before 3 p.m.

Nightly rental ends at 11:00 a.m. regardless of the customer's arrival time.

A luggage storage service allows customers to leave their luggage at the Hotel reception.

A bank imprint will be requested by the establishment upon your arrival.

The customer will find out, upon arrival, the operating hours of the various hotel services.


Article 8: departure

When leaving, the customer must return their room key to reception, otherwise the cost of changing the lock, code, key fob and keys will be charged, at a minimum of 170 euros. The same will apply to any key lost during the stay.

He is prohibited from taking any object belonging to the hotel: he must notify the hotelier if he notices a mistake and return it at his own expense, otherwise he will be charged at the replacement cost and related costs.

In particular, failure to return keys and key fobs upon departure will result in a provision of 170 euros being charged to the customer's credit card.

Please note, in the event of departure after the agreed time, you will be charged for an additional night at the current rate.


Article 9: behavior and respect for the rest of other customers

Noisy, even during the day, is prohibited.

The guest upon arrival or in residence causing disorder or scandal in any form whatsoever will be asked to leave the hotel immediately and without refund.

A hotel room is a place of rest. All commerce is prohibited there. In general, please respect the peace and quiet of other customers.

To respect the rest of other guests, be sure not to slam doors or make any noise particularly between 9:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m., in the rooms, common areas or on the terrace.

Any neighborhood noise linked to the behavior of a person under his responsibility may lead the hotelier to invite the customer to leave the establishment, as long as the noise generated is likely to harm the tranquility of the customers (art. . R.1334-30 and R.1334-31 of the Public Health Code).


Article 10: responsibilities

Children are the full responsibility of the customer.


Article 11: prohibitions

For safety reasons and out of respect for everyone, smoking or vaping is strictly prohibited throughout the hotel. In accordance with decree n°2006-1386 of November 15, 2006 setting the conditions for applying the ban on smoking in places designated for collective use, smoking in the Hôtel des Messageries exposes you to additional invoicing for the cost of an overnight stay and/or legal proceedings. The customer may also be invited by the Hotelier to leave the hotel unconditionally.

It is prohibited to use gas or electric appliances in the rooms other than those provided (examples: stove, coffee maker, etc.).

Likewise, it is forbidden to cook in the rooms, to eat meals or bring drinks not provided by the hotel, as well as to do your laundry.

Any untimely triggering of the fire alarm for non-compliance with these provisions will be charged €150 for the costs of putting the fire safety system back into service, and possible legal proceedings.

Any room cleaning resulting from non-compliance with these rules will result in the billing of a supplement for cleaning costs (see Articles 12 and 13: "Damages below).

Guests are not allowed to move furniture in the room.


Article 12: Miscellaneous

  • Housekeeping: For stays of 2 nights or more, the room will not be cleaned in the event of departure or customer request after 12 p.m. Please use the double-sided sign on your room door to let staff know that it is possible to make your room. The towels hung up are not changed, if you wish to have your bath linen replaced, place them on the floor or in the shower. These towels should not be used outside the bedroom.
  • In the event of excessive soiling of the household linen, you may be charged an additional amount. In particular, in the event of difficult or indelible stains on the household linen (make-up, shoe polish, dye, blood, etc.), this will be charged. at the replacement cost (see also Article 12: “Damage below).
  • Any additional bath towel or towel lent to the customer at their request during their stay will be charged at the rate of €3 per additional unit.
  • Welcome items (razor & cream, toothbrush & toothpaste) are available at reception at the price of €3 per item.


Article 13: damage

The customer must use the rented item in a good manner. We ask you to respect the premises as well as your room. In the event of a problem, the customer must incur civil liability. If you notice a wear problem, please report it to Reception as quickly as possible so that a technician can intervene as quickly as possible.

Any soiling, breakage or damage will be charged to you:

The hotel may require a cleaning fee of €50 if the room is left in a condition deemed unsuitable (leftover food, empty bottle(s), various packaging, dirt and other stains left in contravention of the policy). article 11 above, such as mud, beard hair or hair cut in the sink, dirty toilets, etc.).

In the event of damage, the hotel reserves the right to invoice the customer for the cost of repair or replacement. The same applies for any infraction noted after the client's departure where the amount of compensation will be debited from the client's card, in particular:

  • in the event of damage to carpet, bedding, box spring, or any other movable or immovable property in the Hotel, the hotel will require reimbursement of the damage with a minimum charge of €500 for repair and for the inability to be able to re-rent the rooms.
  • in addition, the hotel may demand full reimbursement in the event of voluntary or involuntary damage to materials, objects, furniture or buildings belonging to the hotel with a penalty and damages of €150 to €2,000.
  • hotel bath towels cannot be used outside the room or hotel (they cannot be used outside). In the event of excessive soiling, you may be charged an additional amount at the replacement cost and charged to the customer's credit card.

In general, the customer must pay the damage caused directly to the hotel, for all voluntary or involuntary damage that he causes during his stay.

Any room that cannot be rented due to damage caused will result in billing for the night(s) of unavailability of the room.


Article 14: complaint

Any complaints about the quality of the services provided must be presented to the hotelier immediately.


Article 15: forgotten matters

Objects left or abandoned may be sold under the conditions provided for by the law of March 31, 1896. The Hotelier is not required to return by post personal effects forgotten by customers. In the event of loss or forgetfulness, the items found are left at Reception. After your departure, you may be able to have your forgotten goods sent to you upon formal request, accepted or not depending on the nature of the forgotten goods and after prior payment of the delivery costs.


Article 16: acceptance of the regulations

In the event of non-compliance with the hotel's internal regulations (available on site), the customer will be asked to leave the hotel without being able to demand a refund. The hotel reserves the right to charge the amount for consumption not declared on departure as well as room damage. This amount will be taken from the bank imprint provided when booking. The hotel will notify the customer in advance and will be able to provide an invoice upon request.

The hotel's internal regulations apply to all reservations.

Any stay entails acceptance of the special conditions and internal regulations of the Hôtel Des Messageries. Failure to comply with the above provisions results in immediate termination of the contract.


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